Monday, May 29, 2006

Wash & Wax

As Lincoln grew over the years, it absorbed small surrounding communities such as "Bethany" and "Havelock." Each of these former towns have small "main" streets in the neighborhood, much like a small town. C and I drive through one of these neighborhoods to reach the high school track where we like to jog/run. We always pass a beauty salon and car wash located within the same building, and advertised by a sign that says "Wash and Wax." Not really sure whether it refers to the salon, the car wash, or both.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TB Part III: Not So Fast, My Friend

After a morning of meetings, I found the following messages from C in my inbox:

I think there may be something still in the vent because I hear something knocking at times. Perhaps the bird(s) went deeper in the vent when I was removing the nest.

I am pretty sure there is something in there. I suggest you come home for lunch and hold the ladder for me while we remove the tape temporarily. I would rather have the bird go free than to have it die in there and smell it up.

Sure enough, despite our removal of the nest and eggs last night, TB went into hiding somewhere near the guest bathroom exhaust fan. By the time I arrived home from lunch, TB was standing at the outdoor vent ready to escape, having spent the night in our ventilation system. C was able to remove the duct tape, and with my encouragement (namely, aiming a stream of water from the hose at the vent), TB flew away! The Deflecto brand Universal Bird Guard was hastily (and temporarily) attached to the vent with an even more white-trash-worthy arrangement of duct tape, allowing us to air out the bathroom that now smells like bird. Note to readers: louvred vents do not prevent bird infestation.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Tweety Bird Sequel: Bye Bye Birdie

C climbed back up on the ladder this evening to deal with TB's nest, having pulled the "short" stick because he's nearly a foot taller than me. Armed with a coat hanger, digital camera, plastic bags, flashlight, and a large kitchen spoon, he set out to remove the assorted twigs and leaves gathered at the front of the vent. I supervised and was primarily responsible for holding the (metal) ladder and looking out for lightening.

Turns out Tweety had some buns in the oven - Big, Larry, Lady Johnson, and Tequila Mocking. In addition to the numerous twigs and leaves, we found 4 eggs which are pictured below. Fortunately, only one broke on the way down. For now, duct tape secures the vent (so shabby chic) until we can purchase screws with which to attach the Deflecto brand Universal Bird Guard.

If anyone has any ideas on how to gather the (few, we hope) remaining twigs at the very back, please share!

I fear the adult birds' torrent of poo when they find out what we've done. I feel bad, but of course, this had to be done, and better now than when the eggs hatched.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tweety Bird

C and I spent the better part of the day on outdoor home improvement projects - installing sprinklers, planting flowers, and cleaning out window wells (where I found a toad!). None of this was particularly fun, and I have an uneven sunburn on my legs to prove it. We did, however, discover an unexpected roommate - Tweety Bird.

TB has established a nest in our kitchen exhaust fan vent on the back of our house. While we had seen evidence of potential nest construction (strange noises, twigs on the ground, birdshit everywhere), today we actually witnessed TB enter the vent. C crawled up on a ladder to inspect, and pictures of what he found are below (we're both too short to come face to face with the vent). We're still brainstorming eviction ideas.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh Rapunzel!

C and friend/colleague J have commandeered the first floor of our home, leaving me to my devices in our upstairs bedroom. I wouldn't use the term "trapped" to describe my situation, as I am free to come and go as I please, though in an effort to avoid interrupting their research endeavors, I have remained upstairs for most of the day, venturing down only to cook brunch and dinner and fetch the occasional snack.

So I'm a little stir crazy and almost looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Almost. I did get some ironing done and watched "The Firm" on cable for the umpteenth time. Watching legal movies and TV shows is so not fun anymore. For example, while Tom Cruise's character (I'll save Tom's insanity for another post) tells the mob and the feds that he'll maintain the attorney-client privilege by turning the firm in for mail fraud rather than ratting on his client, in reality, the "attorney-client privilege" may only be asserted by an attorney who is called on to testify in court about his confidential communications with a client. An attorney, of course, has an ethical duty to maintain the confidentiality of his client, but the source of that duty lies in rules of ethics, not the privilege. It's a subtle difference. Argh. Guess I will have to read the book to see whether Grisham or the movie producer got it wrong.

And on a completely unrelated note, if you're up for some catty fun, check out the Go Fug Yourself link to the left. The bloggers snarkily police the fashion faux pas of the rich and famous. Worth a daily giggle, if not more.

P.S. Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Damn Murphy!

I washed my windows today.

It sprinkled 15 minutes later.

I wonder if the rain gods interpret window washing as some sort of rain dance.

Monday, May 8, 2006

It's over...but not really

I graduated from law school this weekend. A great event, no doubt, and it was wonderful to spend time with my family and friends. Just wish the damn bar review didn't start TODAY. I haven't thought about mens rea for 2 years. Also, turns out I never learned the difference between larceny and robbery. Makes me wonder if, but for the requirement that you graduate from an accredited law school, any sadist could come in off the street, take the course, and pass the exam.

No rest for the wicked.

Here's proof of my graduation. They gave me a diploma, although I don't have my final semester grades. And yes, I did "forget" my various medals and other additional regalia at home. ;-)

Monday, May 1, 2006


Yep...that's the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah you hear in the background.

I'm done.