Sunday, October 28, 2007

Harley Davidson's Ass Crack

Driving through the Star City this afternoon, a man on a motorcycle passed me. In and of itself, not a particularly blogworthy item...even on a slow day. However, he was sporting an inch or so of ass crack, followed by another 2 inches of Hanes blue underwear, leaving the waistband of his jeans lined up just below his...well, I think you get the idea.

Blech. Sorry to have painted that picture for you. I'm in a sharing mood.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Smoke Alarms

It has happened again. C and I (and our guest and friend J) are sound asleep. The house is still; nary a sound to be heard. And then...the piercing wail of a smoke detector rouses C and me from our slumber. I have the good sense to put on a robe to investigate. C stands in our bedroom looking up at the smoke alarm shaking his head until I remind him to put on his glasses. As usual, there was no fire. As usual, Phantom Smoke strikes again.

C and I and our home have an uneasy relationship where the smoke detectors are concerned. Since it was a new home when we moved in, our realtor explained that the smoke detectors were tied in to the electrical system to comply with code. We briefly inspected them and found no batteries and assumed they were virtually maintenance-free. Within the first month, the alarms went off at least twice, and ALWAYS in the dead of the night. It was suggested that I use the vacuum brush to remove any lingering dust from the detectors, and it worked for quite awhile.

About 18 months ago, we had another incident. Amazingly, I learned at 4am (after C reminded me to stop screaming) that indeed our smoke detectors had backup batteries. This was after I tried to forcibly remove the alarm from the ceiling in an effort to go back to sleep. Instead of quieting the offending alarm, it caused the remaining alarms to chirp in sequence: bedroom, my office, C's office, hall, downstairs hall, basement, bedroom, office, office...and so on. I begrudgingly dragged my sorry self to Walmart to purchase six 9-volt batteries, as I slowly realized that smoke alarm batteries had never been replaced since we had moved in 2 1/2 years ago.

I had very good intentions of adding this annual chore to my Outlook calendar so that every April we would change the batteries - roughly timed with Daylight Savings (a post for another day). The nice thing about Outlook is that it will remind me of these things, complete with an appropriate little "ding" when the time comes. It seems my home has these capabilities as well.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Small World

If I were ten years younger, I would be one of those people on Facebook and MySpace posting random pictures of my college self and friending everyone I'd ever met. Unfortunately, social networking sites totally passed me by until my younger friends J and C insisted demanded that I join. Other than the occasional invite from a strange buxom woman on MySpace, my foray into social networking world has been uneventful. This weekend it paid dividends, however, as I reunited with a friend from back home in central Kansas! Good stuff!

As it turns out, life has brought both of us to Lincoln, and from the look of things, we're both probably here to stay for awhile. C and I had the privilege of sharing a meal with N and S (S being my old friend; N being her husband) and their family - five children in all! What a treat! It was like Christmas at the Dreilings - fun and loving and crazy all at the same time. I so look forward to renewing my friendship with S and getting to know her family better. She's the only person in Lincoln who knows me as Kimmie!

A great way to start my week!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Shoes

I have been buying a lot of shoes lately. Nothing whimsical - just a lot of basics to replace those pairs that got me through law school and my first year back into the "real world" (as though law school world was so fake...hmm...well...a post for another day, perhaps). I wear a size 7N (aka 7AA) which has so far precluded my getting into the whimsical shoe business since "fun" shoes are nevah, evah made in sizes for My People.

And then I was introduced to Zappos and ShoeMall.

Granted, in the 2 years I've been online shoe shopping, I've only ended up with one pair of arguably frivolous shoes - lavender pointy-toe mules - that match a whole two outfits. What amazes me more is the vast selection of well-made shoes IN MY SIZE. It's refreshing to have options when searching something as basic as a black pump to wear to work!

I must also take this opportunity to trumpet the incredible customer service offered by both companies. Both offer free shipping (Zappos offers overnight shipping) and very easy returns, assuming of course you've only worn the shoes inside and on the carpet (Zappos' returns are free if you use UPS). ShoeMall was very helpful earlier this summer when I failed to include paperwork with a return. More recently, ShoeMall potentially has discovered a problem with one of my recent purchases that, up until yesterday, was not obvious to me.

One of my recent purchases was a pair of very basic pumps for work - Lifestride, brown, 2 1/2" heel (yes, I know that's bad for the Tim Toe). Price was definitely within the budget, and I've generally had good luck with the brand. When I tried them on (inside and on carpet, of course), it seemed that the right shoe was a tad wider than the left. But, both were marked 7AA; I wasn't wearing pantyhose (just a thicker trouser sock); and it was late in the evening, which I'm told is the worst time of day to try on shoes. They fit good enough, and I decided to proceed with applying leather guard. I subsequently wore them for nearly 14 hours yesterday (big busy day at work - I even had to shave). While I'm happy to report that no blisters or other sores resulted from my irresponsibility, the difference in width was more clearly evident. Even M and V, two good friends from work (the kind who'd tell you about spinach in your teeth), when prompted, correctly chose the right shoe as the wider of the two.

Nonetheless, I decided to keep them. I know I won't be wearing them that often, and the difference in width did not negatively affect my comfort or ability to walk. But now I'm not so sure. Behold, a portion of the email I received from ShoeMall this afternoon:
Thank you for placing your order with Shoe Mall(tm). While processing your order, an error was found on one of the selections. Our Customer Service Department is reviewing this order and may contact you if they have any questions.
Hmmm. I've not worn the other pair of shoes from my order, but you can make darn sure they're on the agenda for Monday! Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where are the Brita Filters at Walmart?

My disdain for WalMart is well-documented. The prices - great. The atmosphere at 27th & Superior in Lincoln, Nebraska - distasteful. Give me a clean, not-frantically-busy-24/7 WalMart, and I'll give you a loyal-ish customer. Until then, I'll pay the premium to shop at HyVee which is both clean and uncrowded, though staffed by an inordinate amount of friendly teenagers.

I just returned from WalMart having arrived there with 2 items on my list: 1) return cheesy picture frame that had some goofy saying printed on the glass and not on the fake photo paper as I had thought; and 2) purchase filters for the Brita water pitcher. Amazingly, at 8pm on a Tuesday evening, there were 5 people in front of me at the Service Desk, one of whom apparently decided to return EVERYTHING she had previously purchased. Argh. I finally dumped the cheesy frame and ventured onto the sales floor to find my filters. In order, these are the departments in which I searched:

1. Grocery - paper goods
2. Grocery - cleaning supplies
3. Beverages (I'm still amazed that they sell stronger than 3.2 alcohol at WalMart)
4. Small appliances
5. Housewares
6. Hardware (of course)

Turns out, for future reference (and I've always believed that if I write something down, I will remember it better), Brita filters and pitchers are located in Hardware near the light bulbs and furnace filters and one aisle away from toys. Because that's so logical.

It's a good week when this is all I have to bitch about. :-)