Friday, July 25, 2008

Dave Matthews Band in Omaha

I had the pleasure of seeing the my all-time favorite band, the Dave Matthews Band, perform live in Omaha again last Tuesday evening! The amazing set included my all-time favorite song "Crash Into Me." Misty-eyed, I was. Here's their excellent cover of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" that C took, and a great video of "Anyone Seen the Bridge" and "Too Much" that C did not film.


Anyone Seen the Bridge/Too Much:

Someday, that will be ME enjoying the show from front row center!

John Adams

While I am on hiatus from blogging, I highly recommend you watch the HBO miniseries on John Adams. It's available as a set of 3 DVDs through Netflix. Excellent!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crusty Old Fart

Recent signs of my inevitable aging:
  • I spent 30 minutes last week plucking gray hairs, and those were only the ones I could see on the top and sides of my head. I fear the back of my head may be overrun with wiry white hairs. I need to "deep condition" again.
  • Speaking of errant hairs, I found a long blond one growing on the side of my face cheek this morning. I plucked it faster than you can say Jack Robinson. How many of you saw it and refused to tell me?
  • I think I have a bunion on my right foot. No pain, but it is red and sticks out and looks like the pictures on Google, so it must be an accurate self-diagnosis. No more heels for awhile. I'll be shopping for SAS loafers this afternoon after my nap, because...
  • I have been awake since 6:20am. It's SATURDAY. I don't get up this early on weekdays, but yet I find myself completely unable to sleep in on Saturdays anymore. I've already showered and been to Starbucks and the bagel shop.
  • By and large, my music is circa 1990s. If you weren't around then, I've probably never heard of you, I won't like you, and I will assume you are "too pop."
Is 30 too young to be a curmudgeon? Does it look like I care?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Slumber Party

My home office window overlooks a neighbor's backyard, and this evening, the neighbor's pre-teen daughter appears to be hosting a slumber party. Girls in swimsuits, playing badminton, shooting hoops, laughing, screaming...all in all, looks like a good time is being had all.

The odd thing, though, is that I don't remember having much fun at slumber parties when I was that age. Inevitably, two or three girls would get into a huge argument over something incredibly stupid and refuse to play with the others for the rest of the evening. The politics of sleeping bag placement required skilled diplomacy since everyone, of course, wanted to lie next to the host/birthday girl. It was uncool to be the first to fall asleep, and we would often threaten to place the sleeper's hand in a bowl of water so she'd pee her pants. I remember fun times, but those were usually with one or two friends doing each other's hair and makeup, listening to music, talking about boys, or trying to make the Ouija board work.

My favorite slumber party memory is from my 10th birthday party. I remember no details other than Mom and I cleaning up my bedroom the morning afterward and discovering that one of my guests had wiped a giant green booger on the wall. To this day, the booger's owner remains a mystery.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Trendy Shirts

As I began my camp preparations this weekend, it became abundantly clear that I do not own a sufficient quantity of camping attire (t-shirts are generally frowned upon). As a professional, I no longer need lots of shorts and summer shirts, as I can only wear them on the weekend (assuming of course I have somewhere to go other than the mailbox). And while I have enough polo shirts to choke a horse, I'd feel a little silly wearing a different colored polo every day. So I took a trip to Kohl's this evening, and as their ads promise, I expected great things.

I did not, however, expect to find that the maternity department had taken over the women's clothing department.

So it seems the cool girls are wearing these mock wrap and/or babydoll t-shirts this summer. They are everywhere! Tight under the boobs and billowy over the stomach the effect of large melons and a bump. How is this flattering?

I'm a thirty-year-old childless woman. I wear crap like that and people talk.

My old standby, Eddie Bauer, came through again. No babydoll t-shirts in sight!

Friday, July 11, 2008

C's Theory on Hair

C has a long-held theory on hair: people do not mean what they say when they compliment your hair.

I used to disagree. Except for once in recent memory, if I compliment an acquaintance's hair, I sincerely mean it. If I think it's ugly, I will keep my mouth shut unless directly asked for comment by the hair owner, and then I'll lie or chime in with a soothing "it'll grow out."

To support his theory, C likes to tell the story about a certain hair incident I experienced when we lived in Stillwater. I don't remember the details - perhaps a broken hairdryer was involved - but I ended up at work with poofier-than-usual hair. I might have compensated with a curling iron, but ultimately I left home anticipating a bad hair day. Amazingly, I received several compliments on the poofy monstrosity, enough, in fact, for me to consider using a curling iron more often, until C shared his theory with me. I questioned its validity; after all, these were FRIENDS.

Fast forward to today.

When my alarm rang at 6:50am, I turned it off and proceeded to sleep until 7:30. While thankfully I'm not bound to a strict time clock, I do like to get to work by 8:15. Considering the 15 minute drive, my morning prep time had been slashed in half. Fortunately, I had showered last night after mowing the grass, so I wasn't terribly dirty. However, given the pillowcase seam tattoo on the left side of my face (and against my better judgment), I made the quick decision to focus on makeup rather than hair, forgoing rinsing and blow drying for basic makeup application. The end result was acceptable only in that no portion of my hair was noticeably matted and my rear cowlick was mostly covered.

Unfortunately, the combination of professional hair products (mostly hairspray and texturizing beeswax) and overnight head grease was LETHAL by 8:30. Not only did it appear that the Exxon-Valdez crashed into my head, but my hair smelled like vinegar (OK, maybe that wasn't my hair, but I sprayed magnolia-scented Bath and Body Works all over before I left). Because of the smell, I tucked my hair behind my ears, which gave my coif an even flatter look.

And yet, 5 coworkers complimented my hair today, 2 of whom I consider to be very good friends (as in the kind who would tell you about errant boogers and stray lettuce). In this scenario, what's the proper response to, "Did you do your hair differently?" If you say no, how does that make the asker feel? If you say yes, it seems you have to explain yourself, which is OK if you can confirm a recent cut or color. As for me? I said yes and explained that I overslept and thus skipped a few steps this morning.

Do you think C's theory is correct? Why or why not? After today's events, I think he might be right (for just the third time in 7 years).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Favorite Reads, Part IV

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
Authored by Judy Blume
(I don't have a copy here, but seriously, it's been in print for 30 years, so I don't think any of you need the ISBN.)

I HEART JUDY BLUME! I discovered her in the 4th grade when my teacher Mrs. Thoman read "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" (quite apropos) to our class. Throughout grade school, every day right after lunch, my teachers would read from a "big" book. We might get through one book every few weeks. Now that I'm a "grownup," I really wish someone would read aloud to me after I eat lunch. Of course, now that I'm a "grownup," I'd probably fall asleep midway through the second paragraph. Lest I digress...

"Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" became an instant classic in my house because Margaret and I share the same birthday! It's true. Her birthday is March **, just like me, and when she turned 12, she started wearing deodorant because that's what 12-year-olds do. Also, one of the "glamourous" secret names Margaret and her group of friends give each other is "Kimberly" (was that Gretchen or Janie?). It was destiny that I love this book forever.

The story focuses on young Margaret's experiments with religion (Dad's Jewish, Mom was raised Catholic, but the family does not regularly attend services anywhere), and the general crappiness of being a pre-teen girl and worrying about boys, getting your period, learning that some girls can be very mean, and just the whole drama of being in the 6th grade. Judy Blume "gets it" and shares a story that both mothers and daughters can laugh about for years and years.

MENS-TROOO-ATION! See! That's funny!

Practicing wearing a maxi pad! Also funny!

Stuffing your bra with cotton balls! Priceless!

If you are a woman, and you have not read this masterpiece, I demand that you check out a copy from the library TODAY. You will not be disappointed; however, you might laugh so hard that you pee your pants.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meet yeah, yeah, yeah

In case you haven't noticed, I've been in a bit of blogging slump lately. So today, I share with you the sweetest post from my friend and fellow blogger, yeah, yeah, yeah, who happens to be a real life friend from Oklahoma. Click here and enjoy!