Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours!

The pregnancy books warned me that, upon learning of my pregnancy, I will suddenly know roughly a gazillion couples who are also pregnant. I'm here to tell you it's the truth. Since August, I know of 12 babies born to 11 couples (there's a set of twins in there), and between now and next August, I'm currently aware of an additional 14 couples expecting a baby.

I personally know all of these people. At one point, nine women in my office were expecting; we're now down to eight (that I know of), and I'm currently third in line to the throne of Most Miserably Giant Pregnant Woman on Third Floor. I hope there's a sceptre!

And to think I still have roughly two calendar months to go! Unbeknownst to be, countless other little fetuses (feti?) are nauseating their mamas as I write!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Scents

Do you ever wonder what your home smells like? Not temporary scents like the pizza you had for dinner or the chicken guts you accidentally left in the trash over night (never happens here, of course), but the overall aroma clinging to your home and your person. I've been the grateful beneficiary of several friends' maternity clothes and baby furniture, and I can smell those friends in my home...even after I've done laundry a time or two. They're not stinky scents, they're just not mine. I notice it when I travel too; when I arrive home, my suitcase smells like wherever I came from. I wonder how these scents are developed. With clothes and other laundered items, one's choice of detergent and fabric softener makes a big difference. Presumably, if one cooked with the same spices (i.e. lots of garlic or curry), their aroma might reflect the predominant spice. C and I still smell "new house wood" when we walk in; do others notice it as well? Do our scents change over time?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As it seems I'm completely unable to create a post on a particular topic, I present you, once again, with more random thoughts and observations. Someday I'll be focused again...you know, after I have a baby and am well-rested and all. Probably by mid-May, though I'm giving myself until Memorial Day...just in case someone pops out of the womb unable to sleep from 8pm to 8am right away.

Maternity tights are becoming more comfortable, except for the squiggly seam tattoo left on my belly. I am concerned Starbuck might be born with the same squiggly seam tattoo on his forehead.

Dear Mom: I am so sorry for having poked fun of your hot flashes.

Dear WalMart: A Google search for "walmart brita filter" leads Google-ers to my blog, and I receive such hits daily. DAILY. Perhaps you ought to consider moving the Brita filters to somewhere slightly more obvious than between the toys and tools near the furnace filters. The bottled water aisle might be a good start.

Mother Nature is a harlot, tempting me with rain and thunderstorms so early in February. She had best be done with blizzarding well before Starbuck's debut. I'm NOT having this baby at home; not because home birth is a Bad Thing, but because I don't want to replace the carpet. I've been warned of the copious fluids.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is the best iteration of the Star Trek series. It's on again - Tuesday night marathons on WGN! WOOT WOOT!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Big Revelation

...wait for it...

I'll be having a baby soon.

Are you as shocked by this recent development as I am?

I'm currently "in" my 30th week of pregnancy, and for the first time today, I felt lumpy, lumbering, grumpy, tired, grunty, is-this-over-yet pregnant. Not cute and perky pregnant. Not oh-you're-finally-showing pregnant. My 30th birthday wasn't nearly as traumatic as the silly little WebMD email I got this morning with the subject line of "30 weeks."

I also realized I'm at the point at work where I must get my ongoing projects in order...just in case I leave at 5:15 some evening and don't return for 12 weeks. As with anything pregnancy-related, I'm both excited and overwhelmed by this prospect...I've never been one to keep a clean desk.

Rest assured, I'm not down or depressed or anything, and there's really no need to call the doctor! I'm just dealing with a little reality today. Not every day can be sunshine and rainbows.

Oh yeah - C and I decided that now is the most convenient time ever to finish our basement. Maybe this is my version of nesting?

In other fun news, after lingering in the baby basement for several weeks, it appears Starbuck has discovered the second floor of the mama condo, much to the delight of my bladder and occasional dismay of my diaphragm.

I ate almost an entire bag of dried fruit this afternoon, and the cranberry juice I had with lunch was DIVINE.

I sing in the car. Loudly. With seated body movements if the traffic is tolerable. I pretend that Starbuck enjoys the music (yes, it's the same Dave Matthews Band CD I had in there 3 weeks ago) as much as I do. We don't talk about the fact that, judged solely by the intensity of his movements, he really liked listening to ABBA last weekend.

Monday, February 2, 2009

28 Weeks

Here we are, and thank you God for long camisoles. Too tired to post - unfortunate incident involving rose-scented body lotion kept me up much of the night, even though I was oblivious at the time to the cause of my insomnia. It's a weird story. Also, just had another prenatal massage, so Starbuck and I are blissed out on endorphins. I'm getting sleepy...