Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cloth Diapering Hippies

It's official: C and I have plunged heads first into the world of cloth diapers!

I even purchased USED diapers at a consignment sale this weekend to save a few bucks. DIAPERS SOME FILTHY AND VILE CHILD PISSED AND SHAT IN REPEATEDLY.

Even I admit this seems a wee bit out of character for me.

Of course, I bleached the inserts and boiled the diapers themselves AND THEN ran them through the washer before ever snapping them on MAH PRESHUS BABE.

Before day care began, we planned on using both cloth and disposables, as we assumed day care would poo-poo (pun very much intended) the idea of cloth diapers. Except they didn't, so we stocked up. We still have a small supply of disposables on hand there and at home, and after traveling once with the cloth diapers, I think we'll probably use disposables for future extended travels. I love the environment, but I'm just not willing to cart around a bag of poo and pee soaked diapers on vacation.

I'm not here to argue against disposables (except in the cuteness category); we used them exclusively until Callum was about 2 months old with no problems and even invested in a super-fancy Diaper Genie for mostly stinko-free disposal. I've been pleasantly surprised at the ease of storing and cleaning dirty cloth diapers, and I imagine the job will become simpler (though smellier) once Callum starts eating real foods. We use "pocket style" diapers; primarily "perfect size" FuzziBunz, as we found they were the most leak-proof on Callum, though we also experimented with Swaddlebees (cute, but leaky) and Knickernappies (trim, but REALLY leaky).

So there. I admit it. We're the weirdos at day care who cloth diaper our son. We also babywear, swaddle, recycle, shop at farmers market, and we voted for Obama. One of us is even a registered Democrat (yeah, I keep meaning to change that...NOT). You'd never know from looking at us how freakishly weird we are.

Oh. Maybe you would. In our defense, EVERY self-portrait we took on our Oregon vacation two years ago was this bad or worse.

Aha! At least we make cute babies!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boogers and Giggles and Piggies OH MY!

C and I plan to encourage Callum to use anatomically correct words for body parts; e.g. "penis" not "peenee." The plan breaks down a bit when we get to body functions, as we'd much rather use easy-to-pronounce words like "poop" and "potty" and "toot" instead of "bowel movement" and "urinate" and "flatulence." Besides, who wants a kid who yells in the middle of Mass, "Mommy Mommy Mommy I need to move my bowels RIGHT NOW!" Something tells me that kid will be living with his mommy long after his 18th birthday.

This discussion raised a very important question: what is the scientifically/medically correct term for boogers?

If you're having a down day, I think this video will perk you up! How lucky am I to see that smile and hear that laugh every day?! C respectfully requests you disregard the piggy noises in the background.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bumps in the Night

Callum's birth activated the "Mommy Monitor" in my nighttime's basically what the eyes in the back of my head do during the night. I'm convinced I will never sleep as soundly as I used to ever again.

Sorry. Not exactly the topic of this post. Lest I digress...

Callum and I adhered a plastic hook to a wooden stud in our basement utility room last night to hang some of the numerous bajillion gift bags we accumulated over the past six months. In the middle of the night, I awoke and heard the faintest sound. I immediately convinced myself the hook had fallen off the stud (as opposed to someone in the house trying to steal Callum) and quickly fell back asleep.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I found a few more hooks in our junk drawer and decided to install them as well, since the original hook could only store about 1/3 of our gift bag collection. Lo and behold, the hook HAD fallen off, and the bags were scattered on the floor! How did my mind immediately register this fact last night from TWO WHOLE FLOORS AWAY?!?!


I awoke this morning at 6:28 to the playful melody of Beethoven's "Joyful Joyful" streaming through the baby monitor. C was not in bed, so I assumed he had turned on Callum's mobile while he changed Callum and forgot to turn off the monitor and the mobile. Strangely, I could also hear Callum making baby noises through the monitor. Sure enough, he activated his mobile all by himself (confirmed when I walked downstairs and saw C sacked out on the couch)! I doubt it was purposeful, though. We swaddle Callum at night, and when he wakes, he moves his still-swaddled legs like a gymnast on the pommel horse! I'm certain those flailing legs inadvertently rammed the Beethoven button!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Welcome, NannyGoat!

Please welcome my mom aka NannyGoat aka the Tall One in the Back to the blogosphere! She's just getting started, and I know she'd appreciate your stopping by to say hello! Remember when you first started blogging, and you SWORE you could hear the crickets chirping and all of that after a new post? Go forth and leave a comment already!

I, of course, am "the only child who can do no wrong, for real," but you already knew that.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Work...blah blah blah


I'm back to work, which means MY time starts after Callum goes to bed and, if I'm lucky, lasts an hour or so before I go to sleep. Why can't my coworkers take 3-hour afternoon naps so I can take care of my personal business during the day? Better yet, why can't I take a 3-hour afternoon nap and rely on my coworkers to write this blog, run my errands, and pay my bills? Who do these people think they are, anyway?

Going back to work has been fine. Of course, C (and my parents last week) has been staying home with Callum, so I've not had to drop him off with STRANGERS, making the whole transition back to work mostly pain-free. That ends in 2 weeks when day care opens, and I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it. It will be time. In the meantime, C and I joked about purchasing a Love Toilet in order to puke together.

Saturday Night Live - The Love Toilet

Perhaps these photos will distract you from the non-content of this entry.

The scream isn't as shrill as it looks...yet.

The red hurts my eyes, too.

P.S. You should all be watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. C and I have spent the past few months catching up on old episodes.