Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Am Awkward

Standing in line this morning at Starbucks, Jill (aka venti nonfat vanilla latte) complimented me on my cute red ballet slippers. I thanked her, and the rest of the conversation went something like this:

Jill: What brand are they? Are they comfy?

Me: I don't remember, but they are known for having holes in the soles so you can wear them without socks and avoid stinky feet. They are comfy.

Jill: Oh yes, I've heard of those!

Me: Not sure the technology works that well; they reeked in August.

Normal people would not have this conversation. Clearly I need some social skills.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Disappearing Dumpster

We expect our new roof to be installed any day. When I signed the contract two+ weeks ago, my contact asked me about which side of the driveway to locate the dumpster, and I recommended it be located on "my" side. I guess, stupidly, I expected a phone call or quick email letting me know when they'd show up. Ha. Ha Ha.

Monday morning, 6:30am, nestled in my warm bed, I heard a big truck outside. I was perplexed, as trash day is Tuesday, but I shrugged it off thinking it was a recycling truck or a someone else's roofer. Then a bright light was shining through the window. I peeked out to see a truck delivering a dumpster in the driveway...right behind my car parked in the garage. I ran outside - Medusa hair, dragon breath, sweats, no shoes, no bra - and asked the driver to pick up the dumpster so I could get my car out, as I had been given no notice about the delivery. He graciously picked it up, let me out, and then finished the delivery.

While I was in the shower, the driver returned and hauled away the dumpster! All that's left to prove it was there are two long scratches in the driveway.

A weird way to begin the week. Still no roof.


I cannot remember the last time Chris, Callum, and I slept all night in our respective beds. Callum seems to be lonely at least once a night, though a few stern repetitions of "I love you -- lay down -- it's still night-night time" are usually enough to reassure him that we've not flown the coop. Chris is in the third miserable week of a bad cold and has spent most nights sleeping on the couch or the futon in the basement so as not to disturb Callum and me...and so that he can actually get a full night's rest while I deal with Callum's loneliness. I've been sleeping in my own bed (in the middle!!) but handling Callum's wakings. And in the midst of all of this, we took a vacation - Chris and me to Colorado; Callum to Kansas.

After this past weekend, we have some bad habits to break. Friday night, Callum was up 11pm to 1am (VERY unusual for him) and did not go to sleep until I gave up and asked for Chris's help...and then Callum only went to sleep while he could see his dad sitting and lying on the floor. Apparently now Callum thinks he can only go to sleep with Daddy watching him from the floor.

Not that I'm blameless. During that horrid Friday night, I brought Callum to bed with me - something I've never done before (except for a few on-the-couch snoozes when he was a little baby). I have nothing against co-sleeping; it's just not something that works for my family. Friday night, it calmed him down. Saturday night was weird; Callum began his afternoon nap around 3:45pm, and we didn't hear another peep until 3:45am. Since I wasn't ready to get up I thought he might go back to sleep if he snuggled with me. He did, I put him back in his crib at 5am, and he awoke at the usual hour of 7:15. Last night, a pee-soaked baby hung out with me for 2 hours.

I think we're being played.

I value my sleep far too much to be the tough guy at 3am, and the "cry it out" method is just not our style. Any ideas to get our lives back to normal? Callum has been always been a good sleeper - uninterrupted 11-hour nights are the norm for us!

In other sleep-related news...despite my disdain for Daylight Savings time, I can't wait to fall back. The light in my bedroom is exactly the same at 2am, at 4am, and at 7am...which makes it really hard to drag my ass out of bed on time.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Phun with Phlegm...and Millinery, Too

Two fun stories to end the week on a positive note...

I am 90% over my most recent cold, and all that remains is an occasional rib-shaking, pants-peeing (the miracles of childbirth!) cough. This morning, while meeting with a colleague in my office, I had a brief coughing episode. With no extra hacking effort, I coughed up Mr. Mucus's third cousin...on the sleeve of my sweater...right in front of my coworker who was standing two feet from me.

I *really* hope she didn't see it.

In other news, in addition to using anything and everything as a telephone, Callum enjoys putting things on his head...Legos, paper scraps, socks, trashcans, buckets. For example:

Trying very hard to convince his grandparents that TARP saved Earth's economy.

A ceremonial dumping of the Legos always precedes the wearing of the green bucket.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Prayers, Please

Jessica passed on this evening. Such a bright and warm person; she will be missed sorely. Please continue praying for her family and for those who will receive her gift of life.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayers, Please.

Before I regale you with tales of our first child-free vacation, I ask that you please PLEASE pray for my friend and coworker, Jessica Bedient. She and her husband were very seriously injured by a drunk driver in a wreck late Saturday night.