Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Day Weekend with Mama in Charge

With Chris preparing for an upcoming business trip and needing some quiet time at home in order to practice a seminar presentation, Callum and I spent much of the weekend out and about. Thank God for clear roads, decent weather, a classmate's birthday party, and Super Target.

I think being a full-time-stay-at-home-mom is a tough job. That's not to say I couldn't do it, I just recognize that it's hard being the entertainer-in-chief and resisting the urge to plop the child(ren) down in front of the TV. I'm sure stay-at-home-moms and their kids find a routine and a rhythm that works most of the time.

They sure as hell don't give bonuses and promotions for that, do they?

Callum attended his first birthday party at an indoor playground that included a small gym for shooting baskets, where I asked him to stop licking his balls. Yes. Out loud. CALLUM: STOP LICKING YOUR BALLS. Good news: I was referring to the two mini-basketballs he was trying to carry. Bad news: I don't know where those balls had been, but my kid licked them.

I had the privilege of changing two public poopy diapers - one at the party, the other at the library not 5 minutes after we arrived. I was so embarrassed for Callum both times, mostly because A) he stunk to high heaven, and B) his mama was not terribly discreet when attempting to discern the source of the stink.

Possible upside of a mild case of diaper rash: Callum now points at his diaper when he's poopy.


It means that I am batshit crazy.

Found a decapitated rabbit on the sidewalk today. Its body was nearby in the grass. We...turned around. God only knows what other sorts of wonders of nature lurk under the blanket of snow.


  1. You have a poopy ball-licker!Hilarious! I may scream that at one of my kids for fun! Shouldn't stay at home moms get raises for doing something as complicated as getting a little one to follow a schedule. I think so! I found you thru BBL.

  2. You cease to amaze me. This is a good one!


  3. Laugh out loud funny!! Yes, stay at home moms SHOULD get a bonus, but we don't. We do some days go crazy, but that's what for girls night cocktail hour(s) is for! Too funny!!!

  4. Yeah, that seems to be the only time my kid ever gives me a heads up on any kind of diaper mess...after she's done a little stealth business, and it's caused some irritation.

    That's what parenthood does to you. Eventually, you reach the point where you're finding the silver lining in diaper rash.