Friday, February 18, 2011

The Would-be Burglar

Good morning! Why yes, it IS still the middle of the night by my standards, and yet, here I am blogging. PEOPLE: I could run a marathon at this hour! A MARATHON! BWAH HA HA HA HA!

Chris and I were sound asleep at 4am, when I thought I heard something hit our house. I heard it again; it was definitely deliberate noise-making. I looked outside and saw a person standing in the driveway, holding a push broom and dragging it down the roof of our porch (we have a two story house) while a white Ford Taurus was idling in the street. I woke Chris up and decided we should turn on our bedroom light, as maybe that would be enough to scare the would-be burglar. I then went downstairs, HEART POUNDING, and turned the porch light off and on really fast. It stopped the noise, but I didn't hear anyone drive off.

Chris came downstairs a minute later to tell me he saw "the problem." Turns out the would-be burglar also delivers our Wall Street Journal and had tossed today's newspaper on the roof and was using the broom to get it down. Chris saw him give up and toss another newspaper on our porch and then drive off.

I appreciate the effort to retrieve the newspaper; I really do. But seriously? SERIOUSLY? Taking a broom to someone's roof at 4am can get you shot, not to mention scaring the BEJEEZUS out of the homeowners.

And now I'm very likely up for the day; too much adrenaline coursing through my veins to fall back to sleep.

As it turns out, Facebook gets awfully quiet after 10pm.

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  1. Good grief! These kinds of things only happen to you.