Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Our family successfully co-slept for about an hour this morning!

Way before Callum was ever born, Chris and I were fairly certain sleeping with babies would not be safe or comfortable for us. I like heavy covers pulled up to my chin; he flails a lot (early on, I awoke to him punching me a few times). After sharing a room with Callum for one night, I knew he'd never sleep with us. He was a noisy newborn, I was dealing with crushing (though entirely normal) postpartum anxiety, and well, it was just best for us to have some space. Aside from a few naps, Callum has always slept (well!) in his crib across the hall.

We still like to spy on him with the video monitor.

The first loud thunderstorm of spring rolled through this morning about 4:30 - lots of lightning, hail, rain, and wind, though very little big thunder. Something awoke us all simultaneously; when I checked on Callum, he was just standing in his crib completely bewildered by the noise and the flashing. Not upset, not particularly scared. Just befuddled. He and I rocked until the worst of the storm had passed...and until my bladder nearly burst. Chris took over in the rocker, but Callum told him he wanted to lie down in our bed. (Probably not his exact words...)

Selfishly,we sometimes bring him in on weekend mornings with hopes of resting for just a few more minutes, but he usually perks up and wants to play after 30 seconds. This morning, however, he settled in and fell asleep once he got comfortable with his bah-ku (pillow; he also call balloons bah-ku), ruff-ruff (stuffed dog he took a hankering to just yesterday), soft blanket, and three pacifiers. Amazingly, Chris and I fell asleep too!

We awoke to Callum's jabbers and giggles...so sweet and peaceful. I could get used to it (the sharp elbow to the unsupported boob...not so much)!

Here's hoping for another stormy night soon...


  1. I love waking up to a smiling toddler one inch from your face saying, "Mama?" then swiveling to "Dada?".

    I do not like the roundhouse kicks at 3am. I'm glad you got to enjoy the up side of a little bit of co-sleep!

  2. Life doesn't get much better than that...unless he is napping with his Grandma Nan.

  3. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Savor it now, Kimmy Goat!!! Those little ones grow up way too fast!