Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 5, Day 6: It Begins

This post was written on September 6; Week 5, Day 6 of pregnancy 2.0. My morning sickness began with a breakfast of chocolate chip cookies the day before. It didn't relent until later in September. 

I really wish someone would pay me to write song parodies.

(To the tune of The Sound of Silence)

Hello nausea, my old friend
You've come to fuck with me again
There was a tingling softly creeping
Went away as I was dry heaving
And the Werther's, I was sucking in my mouth
Seemed to help
Within my queasy tummy

Of all the concerts I've attended at the Qwest Center in Omaha (5 to be exact), Simon and Garfunkel was the only one that did not feature the distinct aroma of marijuana.

Are you as surprised by this as I am?


  1. I like to see your KLC skit training come in handy at moments like this. Nothing like years of planning morning reports to various songs to make it a cinch when you feel like hurling.

    I am totally surprised by your concert comment. I would have called that one a no brainer.

  2. I am surprised too!! Congrats on the pregnancy - I have to say pregnancy was easier on me the second time around maybe because I wasn't so suprised when I was miserable?? And Kalo was a good distraction :) Hugs to you!!