Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 7, Day 3: The Low Point

I wrote this on Monday, September 19. It was a bad weekend. I spent a lot of money on Kindle books. I am happy to report that I've stopped visualizing my food as puke. Good times. I took great joy in dumping the progesterone supplements in the bin at National Prescription Drug Take Back Day last Saturday.

I saw the midwife last week and got a quick peek at the Jedi! He/She is growing right on schedule and quite handsome (I'm sure the little tail will go away soon)! The midwife prescribed me a progesterone supplement. My progesterone levels are OK, but a little lower than she'd like for them to abundance of caution, etc etc.

I agreed without question and started taking them Friday night.

And spent the entire weekend in bed convinced I was dying.

The side effects of progesterone, it turns out, are morning sickness ON STEROIDS. I feel like the day after your fever breaks when you have the flu. Mentally clear, physically decimated. I have NO appetite. I don't want to eat. When I look around the kitchen for something to eat, I imagine that particular food as vomit in my toilet...making cupcakes with neon frosting a fantastically Sad Choice now and forevermore. I can't poop. The nausea isn't too bad, but only because the midwife also gave me something for that since, prior to the horrors of the progesterone, the nausea was kicking my butt. I'm pukey. I'm sad. I've been a worthless wife and mom. My house is a shithole. My boobs hurt. I can't even look at dairy products without gagging.

I called this morning and got permission to wean myself off this nasty shit over the next week. And then I ate an entire can of chicken noodle soup.

Pregnancy is SO weird.

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  1. Now you tell me. Mom's are good at tidying up houses and it makes us feel useful. We also don't judge . The messier the better. Call anytime. I would be more than happy to help.