Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh, Two!

When Callum was born, and we were getting used to each other, and failing mightily at nursing, and waking at weird hours, and pooping our pants, and suffering from entirely normal but occasionally overwhelming anxiety...well, why didn't you all tell me about age 2?* 

Age 2 is a RIOT. Age 2 blurts out things like:

I love my mom. (You bet your ass he got a pony after that!)

I tooted on your hand.

Age 2 requests songs and then sings along, and nearly brings you to tears when he requests the one song you've been singing to him since he was a newborn (Barges, if you must know). 

Age 2 wants everyone to get post-potty sticker.

Age 2 wants to wear his firetruck shirt EVERY DAY.

Age 2 describes small things as "tiny" - Tiny Target, tiny boots (tiny boots = socks rolled down), tiny poop.

Age 2 is all hat and no saddle. Callum and I started "mommy** and me" swimming lessons at the Y last week. At the first session, he clung to me like a little monkey for the entire class. He wouldn't look at his teacher, wouldn't attempt floating, and would barely let his feet touch in the 18-inch section of the pool. He was more interested in the "Big Red" clock and the slides. But if you asked him about it the next day, he'd tell you he went swimming at the Y, and that he'll go back next Tuesday and DO IT AGAIN, and that teacher Marissa is his friend and "I love her.***" 

Sure enough, we had a blast last night! He swam with his teacher, floated (with my assistance) on his tummy and back, and kicked his legs! Next week, we plan to work on 1) not drinking the pool water and 2) jumping off the side!

Age 2? Yes, this is fun.

*Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you're not supposed to "wish it all away," but frankly, mothering a newborn, while special in its own right, can be downright miserable when you're in thick of it.

**What the hell was I thinking?

***He loves a lot of things lately...clothes, colors, certain sports teams, family members, Legos, etc.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Alice the Camel Has...Poop Humps?

What better way to return to blogging than with this gem of an email I received this morning (names removed to protect the innocent):

During circle time Teacher asked the kids what a camel stores in his humps. With the most serious face Callum says, "Poop". Teacher explained that they store water. Callum's response a smile and "Oh" :)

Yep. That's my kid, and he inherited my obsession with poop. Sorry Chris.