Wednesday, January 4, 2012

22 Weeks

The second child is already getting the shaft when it comes to regular pregnancy blog posts. Here's me a week or so ago, somewhere around 22 weeks along:

I've got more belly than that today, though it kills me to compare this to my 20-week belly with Callum.

You guys?!?! I haven't been that skinny since...well, since that picture was taken, and I've done since birthed THAT baby.

I've not written much about this pregnancy, as it's truly been SO DAMN EASY (first trimester nausea and misery notwithstanding...and even that was short-lived). I have nothing to whine about, nor is anything I'm experiencing particularly humorous or noteworthy. My "wacky" symptoms include frequent peeing and frequent hunger, an occasional but entirely manageable achy lower back, a few food and smell aversions (though in my defense, green peppers and scrambled eggs don't smell particularly great to my non-pregnant self), and some fatigue. I am pooping with acceptable frequency, and my farts are no more lethal than yours. I'm sleeping well, and I have yet to really want or need the bevy of pillows that kept me comfortable at night last time. My emotions have been kept mostly in check, and I'm not nearly as physically aware of the hormonal fluctuations as I was last time. I grunt more than usual when changing positions or getting off our (way too soft) couch, but that just comes with the territory.

Perhaps the novelty of being pregnant has worn off - I don't immediately dive into my copy of Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy every single time I experience a new pregnancy side effect. Maybe I'm more focused on how this one will make his debut and what I can do to make that a positive healing experience for me. Or, maybe I realize how simple it is to care for a tiny newborn while he's still on the INSIDE, and I can sleep for multiple consecutive hours. Could it be that I've mellowed a LOT in three years?

Or, perhaps this is just the calm before the storm.

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